About Shilpa’s
Unique Art

A NCHA Certified Henna Artist , Face & Body Painter

I am Shilpa Tagalpallewar, art is my hobby and I have developed it myself , I am  from India and is operating my business, Unique Art in Cayman Islands since 2010.

Well known for my passion of applying Henna, the use of which is intrinsic to Indian and Arabian culture especially in wedding, I also indulge in a plethora of art mediums. This include acrylic, watercolor and oil Paintings, handmade craft, decorating events, Face & body paintings etc.

I am self made, Versatile artist with Postgraduate qualification in Arts & Commerce . My spirit and Passion in the art field has spanned over 26 years in India and 12 years in Cayman Islands.

Witnessing the beauty of nature everywhere in Cayman weather it be the Caribbean sandy beaches, Vibrant sunset, thriving Fauna, I feel immensely inspired  to recreate everything on my canvas. Also my pride in my Indian culture can also be seen in my work through the many ethnics touches I add.

Shilpa Tagalpallewar

A NCHA Certified Henna Artist , Face & Body Painter